Compose your content simply by going to and type, and then share it to your friends with a key or URL. They'll access DifKey with that key to get the content, even edit it if you allow. Both you and your friends don't need to create account or login

1. Create content:

  1. Go to, a key will be generated automatically, you should see it at url or at the top-right textbox (you can edit it there).
  2. Go to, and you're composing your content with the selected key, you can also edit it at the top-right textbox.

Just compose your content, system will save it automatically right as you type

2. Secure your content:

You can secure your content by setting password for it. This password can apply for editing this content or for both editing and viewing, depend on you.
Any access to the content after that is going to be required password.
Setting password using the button at the top-right corner of editing page.

3. Share your content:

  1. Click 'Copy link' button at the left column and paste the link to your friends.
  2. Click Preview button at the top-right corner of editing area to go to 'View' page. We have icons here, at the right edge for sharing this content using FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, ...

Tip: if you're accessing DifKey on PC and want to share the content using your Mobile, then scan barcode at the left column from your mobile phone via a barcode application to copy the link.

4. Sample contents:

  1. IPhone Price Table
  2. BlackBerry Priv Specifications
  3. VUS Communication Program